‘European Super League Inevitable’- Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says the introduction of a European super league is “inevitable”, and Premier League matches would be moved to midweek.

The Frenchman’s 22-year reign as Arsenal manager will come to an end after Sunday’s game at Huddersfield.

“In a few years you will certainly have a European league over the weekends,” said Wenger.

“It is inevitable. Why? First of all, to share money between the big clubs and small clubs will become a problem.”

Wenger, 68, added: “The big clubs will say: ‘if two smaller clubs are playing each other nobody wants to watch it. People want to watch quality. So we have to share the money but nobody is interested in you’.

“A domestic league will certainly play Tuesday, Wednesday. I think that is the next step we will see.”

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