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STORY: The Male S€x Addict (Part 1)

Just at the embassy, I was told to present a
doctor’s report about his health status.
Thinking I could just go and manipulate a
test result anywhere, I smiled and was about
leaving when I heard the voice of the
consular saying thus “remember we have
lists of recognized hospitals and doctors we
trust so much. It is a shame you didn’t ask
me”. I was shocked and managed to ask the
consular if it made any difference? “Yes it
makes!!” replied the consular. “Nigerians are
quite a funny people; you should know what I
mean. See you 10a.m next week Tuesday”. I
started wondering how this could be done.
My heartbeat increased in rapid succession.
If anything made me wana pee on my pants,
it is the fear of going for an H.I.V test. Just
then I managed to get home into the hands
of my happy dad. “How did it go?” “Where
you granted the Visa?” questions upon
questions kept coming.
I managed to calm him down, and explained
that it was remaining my doctor’s report
before I could be granted visa to go for my
schooling abroad. “Thank God all is done”
said my father all beaming with a deep
hearted smile.
I found my way to my room, and lay on my
bed, confused like someone who misplaced a
salary cheque. Questions upon questions
kept flooding my head. What if I come out
positive, I asked myself. But I was always
doing Medical tests in school before every
semester exam my inner voice queried: just
shut your trap!! Another voice objected,
everyone knows how flawed the medical
system of his university is. You take a test
today and get the result tomorrow! Who does
that??I was as confused as voter who has to
choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald
Trump, who will make a better president.
Just then, everywhere went blank!!!
Grow up a child in the way he should go, and
when he is old, he will never depart from it
(prov 22:6)
Early days of December 1992, a historical
child was given birth to. I was given a name
that was reserved for people who the pastors
saw something of great potentials in. I later
discovered that my parents were Top notch
Christians, worshipping with a Bible believing
church that is being regarded as ‘STRICT”
when it comes to its members associating
themselves with the “World”

You rather not have a fridge or a television in
the house, because it will surely leady you to
hell fire, so they said. Every morning before
we prepare for school, we were compelled as
children to either help in the morning
devotion prayers or lead the hymn session or
close the prayer.
Any of them, it will surely not escape you, so
just be prepared. We were barred from going
outside our compound, which is just a 2
storey building, inhabited by my father’s
colleagues in his workplace. It was a
government owned apartment so it was
highly reserved and taken care of so well.
Few months later, the government sold the
building to private realtors therefore the
increase in rent made papa Jamie pack out of
the building and relocated to lagos.
He explained he needed to hustle big time so
as to take care of his dwindling fortunes that
resulted from non-payments of salaries from
the government of the state. It was an
emotional farewell and we all cried about it.
Few weeks later, things became hard for us
too so Mama had to start up a little business
very close to daddy’s school so as to
compliment daddy’s salary. Due to lack of
time to take care of us, I heard mummy
telling daddy that we needed to get a Maid!
“A maid??” daddy fumed. The values and
morals of our children will be at risk!
Explained daddy but mummy held her

Few weeks later, we welcomed Aunty Jecinta
to our house and she became our maid. She
didn’t last long because she always fell-out
with mummy and she couldn’t take it again,
so she decided to leave. Not quite long after
Aunty Jecinta left, we welcomed Aunty Uche
to our house as our maid again. Aunty Uche
was always dressing as a church girl, as if
she attends our church. Days ran into weeks,
and weeks ran into months, Daddy started
travelling because of his Job, and Mummy
was coming back quite late most times
because of her sales. I am my 2 sisters were
left with aunty Uche. I was 7, Steph was 5
and Mary was 9. Most times, I was alone
with aunty Uche because Mary and steph
were playing with their dolls in the Sitting
room. “Do you know you are handsome?”
aunty Uche asked me… “Hmmm” “are you
serious aunty?” I replied. “So much”, aunty
Uche answered back. “You are my little
baby” she told me, before making her mouth
touch my own mouth.
Whatever that means, I don’t know but if feels
good, it tastes good, it seems good, it is
I said to myself. Aunty, “do me another one
naaa…” I requested.. Then she made her
mouth touch my own mouth again. “Wow!!” I
replied. “Make sure you don’t tell mummy
ooo..” she said. “I won’t” I replied her. Then
she made her mouth touch my own mouth
continuously again till we heard footsteps
approaching. She quickly kept me on the
floor and appeared busy while I acted as if I
was looking for my “:Pankare Ball” Mummy
is back was what I heard next and I quickly
left the room and rushed to the “palour” in
I started staying together more often with
aunty Uche… not really for anything in
particular, or wait…. Is it because of the way
she makes her mouth touch my own mouth?
Maybe oooo….
This evening, we experienced power failure as
usual, then I rushed to Aunty Uche’s room
and asked her to “DO” me another thing that
will be sweet to me na. With a type of smile
she always put up, she told me that I allow
her to carry me. “No problems Aunty” I
hurriedly obliged.


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