STORY: My Blood Sister (Season 1, Episode 2)


I sat down outside our compound thinking about life, this is the third time, I am going to loose this opportunity again, why is mother been unfair to me, why is she denying me education, different thought kept running through my mind, then my younger sister charity walk in

CHARITY: Rita are you fine

RITA : (silence )

CHARITY: Rita, I am talking to you, are you alright

RITA : dont pretend to ask me that kind of question, because you know I am not fine and you know what my problem is, you know that

CHARITY: me, I dont know oo, how will I know what is wrong with you, I will still be asking you, am I a moron, I dont know oo

RITA : really, fine, charity, please help me out in this issue, I want to go to school, I want to fulfil my dream of becoming a lawyer, when I go to school and start working, I will see you through school also, even if you don’t want to study in nigeria, I am ready to see you through any university of your choice

CHARITY: hmm, you see what Rita, stop making fake promises you cannot fulfil oo

RITA : why won’t I fulfil my promise to you, even if I did not promise you that, I owe you education as your elder sister, since father is no more

CHARITY: wow, thank God you know that, and what make you believe that mum will listen to me

RITA: I know, mum always listen to you, there is nothing you will ask her, she will say no to

CHARITY : why are you been partial here, you saying this, it look as if mama don’t love you too

RITA : no I did not say that, mama love me but she listen to you more

CHARITY: Yes I know, I know that if I talk to mama for you, she will grant your admission to school, but I will not

RITA : you will not, why

CHARITY: because if you go to school, our farm work will increases, just to see you through school, me I cannot, you know my health status

RITA : I know but you are fine now, it was when you were a kid that you were always sick, but you are fine now, if you help me, i promise you that the time of happiness shall come

CHARITY: I dont want to hear that one, I have said my own, you are not going to any school, me I dont have strength to start working double work, Rita my sister, you have to forget about school, and look for another thing to do, me I cannot, also with mama, mama is no longer strong, me I am going inside to sleep oo, good night

RITA : good night(she walk out) what kind of family is this, why don’t they like to see me happy, this is the same thing they did when I wanted to also enrol for my waec, how wish not for mama Aka, I would not have enrolled waec too, I will go and see her tomorrow, my mother always listen to her (this idea relief me a little from the thinking) yes I will

(The next day I visited mama Aka, I met her at home, mama Aka three children are in the university, she has been the one sponsoring them in the university, her husband is dead)

MAMA AKA: Rita how are you, this one you came to my house on your own to visit me, I hope I am save o

RITA : but mama I always come here nah

MAMA AKA: that was when ify, was still around, the only time I always see now, is when ify is back for her holiday

RITA : mama

MAMA AKA: anyway congrat, ify said you have gotten admission

RITA: Yes mama

MAMA AKA: I am really happy for you, you have really tried enduring for your mother to gather enough resources to send you back to school

RITA : Yes mama, that is the reason I am here

MAMA AKA: I dont understand, do you want to plead with me, so that you can live with ify your friend, that is not my business, it is between you and your friend

RITA : mama is not that

MAMA AKA : then what is the problem, you are even crying

RITA : mama ify, my mother said I should forget the dream of going to school, and face farm work, she said she cannot start what she can’t finish

MAMA AKA: what

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