STORY: Tears Of A Pearl (Season 1, Episode 2)


Adriana and Andrea took the little princess
and they swam to the surface of the sea.
they just leave the baby there but on their
way to the kingdom they were stopped by
an old sea siren. “ hmm i thought its wrong
for mermaid to go to surface of the sea” the
old sea siren said. “ granny its none of your
business, clean your tails first they stink”
Adriana said. “ hey you can say that now,
but when I was young like you mermaids
my green tails were always even more
shining unlike yours” the old siren mocked.

“ of course we don’t have multiple tails like
the old hag but we were more recognized
in human world for good things unlike the
old hag whose work Is to lure innocent
fishermen with your temporary beauty to kil
them am i right? ” Adriana hisses. “ alright
girls I’m not here to cause trouble anyway., I
just want to help you guys” the sea siren
smiled. “ forget it don’t think you can help
us” Andrea said and Adriana frowned. “

why can’t you just keep quiet and let’s hear?
we are not in the kingdom so keep quiet let
the smart one handle this ”Adriana yelled. “

so you are saying I’m not smart?” Andrea
asked angrily. “ old siren did i say that? ”
Adriana asked mockingly. “ no I don’t I
heard that” the siren replied. “ oh OK what
do you have for us?” Andrea asked
reluctantly. “ right now in world of human
world I can see it sense it all over my body”
the old siren said. “ sense what?” the girls

asked. “ hmm I’m not sure” the siren said. “

I told you not to trust her but what let the
smart one handle this ” Andrea mocked.
“ I don’t blame you, I blame the one that put
you before me, old siren please?” Adriana
smiled. “ let’s go she have nothing to offer”
Andrea laughed. “ oh my goodness I don’t
know who is distributing height and brain,
that offend me by giving you less brain and
more height, your brain is just the exact
opposite of your height” Adriana yelled. “ ok
girls its alright, a woman just give birth to a
mermaid right now maybe you can take the
little mermaid and raise you know we siren
can’t raise mermaids” the old siren said and
Adriana’s face beam with smilesm “ of
course thanks” Adriana said and she alone
went to the surface of the sea to wait for
the woman. just then Arie and her husband
arrive so they switch the babies. the
mermaids went with the maermaid while
the humans went with the human.

# twenty_years_later
Daniella a young swimmer who was
separated from her parent won a gold
medal again. she is so happy that she forgot
her birthday. her boyfriend, Daniel called her
and it led to something else.

“ hi my dan” Daniella said smiling happily. “
oh my dan my ella my missing part” Daniel
said with a sad face. “ Dan what’s wrong?
why are you like this?” Daniella asked with a
concerned look on her face. “ nothing I’m
just sorry on your birthday” Daniel try to say
but he can’t. “ ah today is birthday I forgot,
what did you get for me?” Daniella said with
a smile. Daniel excuse himself. “ suzy i can’t
ruin her birthday, another conditions I
agree to break up with her but on a normal
day not on her birthday Suzy please” Daniel
said silently to his phone. “ you don’t reall
eed the money do you?” suzy replied at the
other of the line. “ suzy please” daniel
pleaded but he heard something he look to
meet the shock of his life . Daniella trying to
pick his other phone. “ ha I’m sorry” Daniella
said not looking at him. “ dan” Daniel called.

“ Daniella that’s my name Daniel I’m not your
missing part” Daniella said smiling. “ Dan
you misunderstood ” Daniel try to touch her.
“dont touch me! tell me what exactly did I
misunderstood? tell me! because you need
money or because you want me to cry? oh
no Daniel I won’t ! I was created to smile
not cry! ” she laughs, “ ha ha ha you idiot
because you need money? because Suzy is
rich? I’m just a swimmer I can’t give you
anything? yes remember today Daniel 28
April 2012. Daniella ‘s birthday. you made
the biggest mistake of your life today”
Daniella yelled. “ I’m sorry Dan for ruining
your day I’m so sorry” Daniel said crying
while Daniella walk to her dorm singing.

that’s what she always do when she is hurt.
she cry through songs.

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