STORY: Tears Of A Pearl (Season 1, Episode 4)


“ wait I’m not dreaming am I? That’s not a
mermaid or is it one?” daniella move closer.
“ that human is not looking at me or is
she?” Janelle asked herself rhetorically.

Daniella move closer again and her leg
almost touch the sea. “ oh gosh she is a
mermaid! ” daniella exclaimed. “ oh no she
is looking at me” Janelle quickly dive into the
water. Daniella followed her, giving the
mermaid a hot chase. Janelle knowing every
nook and crany of the sea quickly hide. “ oh
my god where is she?” Daniella said but
something occur to her. She is breathing
underwater! “ I can’t be mistaken, I’m
breathing, this is strange” daniella thought
to herself. She swim out of the sea and she
return to her room. “hello Sera ” daniella
said holding her cellphone to her ears. “ oh
my god Daniella, longest time ” Sera replied.

“ yeah something strange is happening to
me, first I saw a mermaid then I’m
breathing under the sea, I can’t understand
” daniella said with a shaky voice. “ oh the
break up really affect my Ella that’s she is
hallucinating ” Sera laughed. “ try to get
some rest my friend” she added and end the
call. “ I’m going crazy” daniella yelled.

“ but wait I chased her and she hide in god
knows where ” daniella thought. “ oh my I
forgot I got a date with david” she hurry to
the bathroom.

_____Under the sea____
“oh my that was close ” Janelle breathe a
sign of relief when she was sure daniella

has left. “ what was close?” Adriana’s voice
scare her to her bones. “ sister you are here
I just want to….” she try to find a lie but her
mind failed her. “dont try to lie janelle don’t
act like humans, did you forgot we
mermaids can hear each other’s mind?”

Adriana said. “ I’m sorry sister I didn’t mean
to lie” janelle apologize. “ I heard you are
going to have temporary legs in two months
time are you going to human world?”

Adriana asked. “ yes of course, at least no
one will mock me anymore”
“ I will miss you”
“so you support me?”

“yes why won’t I ? You are my cute little
sister” Adriana said and they both laugh. “ I
wonder where my cute one is, I hope she is
safe” Adriana thought referring to the
human baby. “ which cute one? I can here
what you are thinking” Janelle said with her
hands akimbo. “you don’t have to worry
janelle” Adriana said with her mind again.
After bathing,Daniella wear a beautiful dress
and little make up.she is not ready for a
relationship she is just going to sort things
out with David.

“ hi david” daniella manage to smile. “hi Ella
thanks for coming” David also smile. He is
very happy, the almighty daniella is in front
of him, smiling at him. He is just smiling even
Daniella noticed. “why are you smiling so
much?” Daniella asked. “ your beauty is
enough to make me smile all the days of my
life” he said and Daniella almost laugh. “ you
are so funny” she said. “ oh my god look at
that smile” David thought. “ David, I want to
make somethings clear to you, I’m not ready
to be in another relationship yet but maybe
we can be friends and see if I can find love
with you” Daniella said and the atmosphere
became tense. “ OK I understand, friends”
David smile. After chit chatting and joking
about petty things, Daniella is feeling sleepy
so she hug him and she left.

_______ Under the sea______
“ janelle i won’t allow that you can’t go to
human world, if the princess become a
human and she left the sea what do you
think other mermaids will do?” the queen
asked. “ but mom everyone says I’m useless,
I can’t produce pearls” janelle said. “ no buts
you are still a princess ” the queen yelled.

What is going to happen to janelle now?


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