STORY: The Male S€x Addict (Par 7)


Living in our new estate was just like heaven
on earth. Maybe my mama and papa knew
what I wanted before choosing this vicinity. It
was a serene environment filled with matured
kids. Did I just say kids? Hell No!! It was
actually filled with matured girls that behaved
like kids.Our house was one of the most
beautiful houses in the Estate. It was
adequately fenced with cute flowers and tiled
round the compound.
We don’t share the compound with anybody.
We have four rooms in the house. So Mary
and Steph share one, I stay with Aunty in
one, Mum and Dad share one, and the other
was meant for visitors.
You might be wondering why I chose a room
with Aunty Uche right? I pretended to hate
darkness and staying alone. So coupled with
the fact that I am Mummy’s boy, I argued my
way with staying with “Big” aunty in the
same room. Every night was fun; she taught
me various ways of doing something she
called “Making love”.
A night came while I was asleep; she woke
me up and asked me to remove my cloth. I
complied immediately and she used her
mouth and started licking my pee pee. I have
never felt this way in my whole life. It was as
if I was seeing visions and I was already a
superman flying in the sky.
She poured some spit on it, used her two
fingers and was rubbing it, I was trying to
shout but she held and covered my mouth
tightly. I never knew that there was
something sweeter that eating bean (that’s
my favorite food). She continued till my pee
pee was hard and asked me to put it inside
her ear.
“Why the ear”? I asked…
“So that I can feel it better” she replied.
“I thought it was inside that hole I will always
put it” I asked again
“Yes love, right now, yours is too small to
make me enjoy it through that hole” She said
“When you grow a little bit Older, I will enjoy
it more” She concluded.
“Alright if you say so” I responded
Then I continued with the task of putting my
pee pee into her ear. I later transferred from
one ear to the other whenever she requested
for a transfer. From the ears, she asked me
to put it in her butt0ckz. I was so confused
because it wasn’t sounding cool to me.
“I can’t put it there, it is meant for shitting” I
said with a sq££zed face.
“Don’t ever argue with me, you hear it”? She
responded angrily
“Ok, I won’t argue with you again” I
responded, faking a smile.
Then I tried putting it, but it wasn’t entering
perfectly, so she brought oil we use in
Church for prayers and applied it on my pee
pee and applied inside her butt0ckz too.
Then she asked me to try it again: This time,
it entered with ease.
She was kneeling like a Dog while she asked
me to go in and out of her.
“Do it slowly and steady you hear”? She said
I did my best and the sweetness made me
forget my initial rejection and I continued. A
time came she asked me to go faster which I
adhered to.
It continued for over a long time, till I told her
I was feeling weak before she let me go.
She continued fondling with my pee pee
while I lay down for a long period that night
till I dozed off.
I had totally forgotten about Chioma, not
because I want too but because I wanted to
make sure I played according to Aunty
Uche’s method of Loving a girl. I write about
her now because I just needed to put it in my
diary for future sake.
Everything has changed!! We had a change
of church location, School and Friends. Most
of the girls and boys always come to our
compound to play but believe me, none of
them got into my eyes. But I heard that the
matured girls I saw where all in Boarding
schools, so I waited patiently for schools to
go on vacation: I couldn’t wait much, so I
started looking for another girl out, but to no
avail. They were all Kids; my age mates. I
didn’t fancy any of them, so I resorted to only
Aunty anytime she wants it and when I want
The first time we attended our new Church; in
the children section they were very happy to
welcome us. During the Partner Bible quiz, I
was paired with a girl known as Nonso. Trust
me; with my help as a bible guru, we won the
competition on my debut. I was now seen as
the “New Baddest” boy in church.
Nonso was a Sweet, Fair, Tall looking girl in
our children department. From her look, I
could see that she was probably 15 or 16.
While in the middle of the service after the
Bible quiz section, I exchanged seats with a
little boy sitting close to Nonso and I came
“You are beautiful with your cloth” I dropped
my first line like Aunty Uche taught me
She smiled and didn’t say a word.
“You made us win the prize” I added; when I
knew I did all you job
“Not true” she countered
“You were the person that made us win” She
argued in a low tone.
“Wow, butler you being with me made us a
stronger team” I said slowly and quietly…
She smiled for an extended period of time,
while I smiled back as we exchanged eye

Nonso actually was something of extreme
beauty; but all I wanted to see was the color
of her pants and how her wee wee would
look like.
While I was still imagining, I was asked to
answer a question I didn’t even know the
origin. Immediately I stood up, I realized my
J0yst!ck was running almost out of my
I looked at Nonso to make sure she didn’t
notice while I used my hand to cover the
face, but I realized she was already looking at
“Wow” I mumbled to myself
“I don’t know” I replied our church teacher.
“Oya sit down” She told me.
I sat down but couldn’t take my eyes off
Nonso’s chest. It was a sight like never
Days passed and weeks passed, and my
familiarity with Nonso grew. I had already
discovered that Nonso’s family house was a
Stone throw from ours. That investigation
and discovery made me feel like “James
Bond” in 007 movies.
Every day I pestered my sisters to go and
visit their new friend and play in her house.
One day, it paid off as they all agreed and we
went to visit Nonso. I wore my best cloth;
applied a little powder and we were good to
We finally got to their house, an average
house with everything in place. Things didn’t
just go as planned because the parents were
around and we were seated in the parlor like
we came for an excursion. I had other
motives because I had already prepared a
letter with the supervision of Aunty Uche. I
packaged it, made some designs on it and
finally applied some little perfume from my
mum’s wardrobe to the letter.
While seated in the parlor watching a boring
“Please can someone help Nonso and pack
in the cloths in the backyard” Nonso’s mum
She didn’t even finish the statement; I was
already at the backyard, packing the cloths
with the girl of my dreams. We were staring
at each other, while packing the cloths when I
decided to make a move.
“What is this on your cheek”? I asked her…
“What is that”? She responded inquisitively,
“Don’t worry, you will see it” I replied.
I told her I couldn’t use my hands because
they were occupied; so the option left was
with my mouth. Thinking she was going to
object, she smiled am kept her face well for
me. I headed straight for the lips. I kissed her
with great zeal as if my life depended on it,
and she responded back like hers depended
on it too. We couldn’t do much because our
hands were tied with plenty clothes. As soon
as I heard footsteps, I quickly disengaged
before I saw Steph looking with a disgruntled
I was trying to ask her what, when she ran
straight to the parlor and I ran to keep the
cloths and headed to the parlor with Nonso.
“Is it true”? Mama Nonso queried…


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