STORY: The Male S€x Addict (Part 10)


“Now listen…” as he drew me closer,
“Never go a week or two without digging or
fvcking a girl! You grab”? He asked
“Yes… but what if I don’t see a girl to fvck” I
asked confused
“Now look around this estate, can you count
the amount of girls”? He asked
“No…” I replied
“You know why”? He asked again
“Because there are so many of them”
I answered confidently.
“That’s my boy” I shouted midly
“Now, with my help and yours, you will fvck
as many pvssies as possible” He said
“What’s pvssy” I asked with keen interest
“It is that sweet hole where your deek
enters” He replied
“Clear”? He shouted
“Clear” I replied.
As I went to bed that night, it seemed like
another spirit took possession of my brain.
I only visualized Aunty Uche’s pvssy as bro
Iyke called it, and wished she was here so
that I could show her what I have learnt. The
night was long as I waited for the news
Daddy said he was going to tell in the
After the devotion period in the morning,
daddy said we were gonna travel to Lagos for
the summer break with Bro iyke. I felt bad
because I had already made plans with bro
Iyke on how to hunt for the “Big” girls in our
I didn’t argue much because Mary and Steph
all wanted the trip.
Few days later we were en-route Lagos.
Nothing much happened during our Journey
and I also didn’t remember much because I
slept almost all through the journey. We
reached Lagos around Past 6, and we
boarded a bus to Maryland, from where we
took a Taxi to our house at Ikeja. We were
welcomed by a girl, couldn’t see her face well
because it was already night. After much
question and answer from my Uncle and
Aunty, we were ushered to our room.
They had two Girls and a Boy, so Mary and
Steph slept with the girls, while I and Bro Iyke
slept with the Boy. When we woke up that
morning, we observed the morning devotion
before we dashed various ways.
The first girl Oge was two years older than I
am, Deborah was way younger likewise David
the last boy. Immediately I saw Oge in the
morning, I fell in love with her. I went straight
to Bro Iyke to tell him how I felt about Oge.
“She is your sister ooo” Bro Iyke shouted
“But she doesn’t stay in our house na” I
“Yeap, because she is your cousin” He said
“Don’t think of it at all” He said while leaving
my presence.
I knew this was going to be a hard nut to
crack because my inspiration was gone; but
nevertheless, I promised to put up a good
Every day was a nightmare; from seeing her
in just p@anties to seeing her enter the
bathroom and maintaining body contact, I
decided to take the bull by the horn.
Most days during our play period, we always
play hide and seek; and trust me, I
manipulate my way to always live with Oge.
We would hide in various places before
someone discovers us, that’s how the game
was played.
“Your b0s0m is big” I dropped my first line
while we were hiding inside the wardrobe
“But your sister own is bigger” She replied, “I
always see you look at my b0s0m” She said
“Yes, because I am just thinking of how soft
it is” I said, smiling
She smiled
“Can I touch it”? I added
“Yes, but they might catch us ooo” She said
“Don’t worry, they won’t” I replied like a boss
She gave herself to me in the wardrobe, and I
felt how tender her b0s0m was. Truth was
that she was even feeling it more than I
pressing it.
I continued pressing and was about
extending my hands down the pvssy area
when I heard footsteps approaching and we
rearranged back. We were happily caught
while it became our own turn to chase
Days passed and our intimacy became closer.
Most times during the afternoon siesta,
anyone can sleep anywhere. She mostly slept
in the visitor’s room and I always timed her
while I watch out for intruders.
One faithful afternoon, while she slept, and
most of the other children followed Bro iyke
to the mall, I quietly sneaked into the visitor’s
room and gently lay beside her. I extended
my hand towards her b0s0m region and
started feeling it.

This continued without any objection till I
heard a voice.
“Won’t they catch us”? She said with a
sleepy voice.
“No, they have all gone out” I replied
“Ok na” She said while adjusting very well for
me to come closer
I quickly raised her skirt and saw her white
p@anties. I didn’t hesitate to eliminate the
obstacle and right in my front was the pvssy
of my beautiful cousin.
“Do you have a boyfriend”? I asked
“No, Daddy doesn’t even allow us talk to
“Even after school, we enter the car and
come home” She said.
“Let me lick your vargeenia” I requested with
She kept silent, and I took that as an
I quickly inserted my tongue and started
licking it like I practiced with Aunty Uche and
she cried like someone who was possessed
by a demon.
I continued for over 10 minutes diligently with
my duty. I brought out my deek and asked
her to lick it, but she rejected and I asked her
to spread her legs so that I could enter. She
was about spreading her legs, while I heard
movements within the compound and we
withdrew ASAP and changed base.
I was always waiting for another free day to
come, but it never did. I made sure that every
opportunity in our Hide and Seek game was
utilized very well. In a situation I almost
injured her with my finger while my hands
were tinkling her blocked pvssy.
“Can we do that again” Oge asked while I
was sleeping on the parlor sofa.
“There is a place we can go and hide and do
it again” She said.
Oge lead me and I followed quietly behind. It
was like a storehouse, and when we opened
the door, Behold we saw…

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