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STORY: The Male S€x Addict (Part 2)


Aunty carried me and then all of a sudden, I
felt my “thing” standing as hard as the
ground. Aunty then smiled so hard and
asked me “do you know you are now a big
boy?” I asked her “What kind of big boy?”
she told me that once your “thing” starts
standing, and a girl is touching it, you have
become a big boy. I quickly told her to help
me touch it as much as possible so that I can
become the biggest boy in my class. With a
smile on her face, I saw how she rough
handled my immature and fragile “thing”.
She asked me to put my hand into her polo
and touch her b0s0m. I asked her what was
b0s0m, she didn’t say and I noticed her eyes
were closed while she was still rubbing my
The huge thing I touched when I inserted my
hand inside her cloths made me withdraw my
hands almost immediately. She hurriedly
forced my hands into the polo and used my
hand to fondle the so called “b0s0m”. What
more can I say than enjoy the ecstasy with
the hope of becoming the biggest boy in my
All these filled my mind, till the noise in the
parlor disrupted the show and that was all for
the night.
I ran back to follow my mummy to her room
while daddy was sharing sweet for my sisters
in the parlor.
Six months later, I had become a little bit
matured, probably about 8 or 9 years if I can
recall, I still continued in the show fervently
with Aunty. This period, I now act like a
matured boy.
I only bath in the bathroom and nobody is
allowed to see my bumbum again. But while I
was bathing, I discovered that once water
touches my “thing”, it starts hurting and
paining me. I endure the pain in the
bathroom and when I come out, I am very
careful not to allow daddy or mummy to
know what is wrong because they will start
asking me what happened to me. All the
same, I was happy and grateful to aunty for
making me a big boy.
Then few days later, we had a new
compound mate. They were going to be
occupying the first floor. We stay in the
ground floor and my Dad’s colleague was
staying in the last floor, so they stayed in the
Despite all these, my academics never

I topped all my classes consecutively. I guess
it was because aunty was combining the
sweet thing and the book together. She
always told me that if I do my assignments
on time, and pass my test, she will make me
happy (whatever that means) anytime I want
it. Every classwork or assignment, I only had
one thing in mind and that is to pass my
work well so that I can show aunty at home;
and believe me, she always kept her
It was now time for night devotion, mummy
taught us how to avoid every type of SIN so
that we can be Jesus children. She also told
us that if a Girl/Boy comes close to you to
touch you, we should always run away from
After mummy prayed and we went back to
our room, I asked aunty Uche if we can stop
because I want to be a child of Jesus but she
told me that mummy was referring to small
girls of my age and not big people like her. I
believed because she has always been right.
While I slept, I always feeling something
SWEET around my thing, but I was just too
tired to wake up. Then during the middle of
the night, while Mary and Steph were still
asleep, I was forced to wake up. She went
ahead to teach me how to get something she
called a girlfriend but I was already too
sleepy to understand; but the fantasy of
being the biggest boy in class managed to
keep me awake.


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