STORY: The Male S€x Addict (Part 3)


I was in primary 5 by this time and was
becoming matured daily but something got
me marveled so I rushed to Aunty for
explanation. “Why is it that my Thing is
always hard whenever I see Debby in my
class and anytime she looks at me” I asked
aunty Uche; “maybe it is because Debby likes
you and wants you to touch her wee wee”
aunty replied me.
Wow, the fantasy of going under Debby’s
skirt filled my mind. Anytime I saw Debby, all
I ever imagined was what was under that
skirt of hers.
Most times in class, I frequently bent under
my seat to know if Debby was opening her
legs so that I could peep and see her pant
which would be a great achievement for me;
but all to no avail. Then suddenly, I realized
that anytime I looked at Debby, she was
already looking at me.
I always removed my eyes immediately from
her side.But one day, I bent almost as usual
to peep under Debby’s skirt, I found out that
her legs were wide open already. WOW!! I
shouted almost loud and raised my head
immediately while I was still thinking about
the kind of luck I had today. Then I decided
to have a clean peep; this time around, I
cleaned my eyes and looked around to make
sure I had a clear sight, then I took the look.
Just like magic, Debby’s legs were opened
wider this time around. I didn’t hesitate to
stand up, I made sure I remained there till the
teacher’s cane lightly made me stand. “What
are you peeping under?” the teacher asked
me, “emm emm” I stammered till i was asked
to go stand in front of the class and help
solve the classwork on the board. I did it
quite well to my teacher’s amazement. “wow!
you all should copy him and be as brilliant as
he is” my teacher told the class. “Clap for
him!” said my teacher. While they were still
clapping, my gaze was still on Debby, who
was still staring back at me as I made my
way to my plastic desk.
While going home, Debby touched my back
and ran to her father who was waiting to pick
her at the gate. I stayed back at school with
Steph, waiting for our driver who was never
going to come on time. Who cares, I was
already use to his late coming. That night
was one of the most sweetness night ever.
That night was one of the most sweetest
night ever. Between the legs of Aunty Uche, I
told her every detail of what happened in
She cheered me up at some point and at a
time, told me that she is becoming jealous.
“Why?” I asked her. ” Don’t you know that
your thing is meant only for me?” she replied
me gently. “But I also like Debby, and I want
to touch her wee wee” I told Aunty Uche. She
told me the possible ways that can be
possible and then I started looking for a way
to allow me touch Debby’s wee wee.
After school we always stay back at school
to allow our parents come pick us. Today
being Wednesday, we waited for daddy’s
driver to come and pick us, but we didn’t see

We were few children in the school
compound and guess what, Debby was also
with us!!
One other boy called Emeka who was way
bigger than I but respected me, maybe
because he heard I came into their school
from another school in the United Kingdom
(Story for another day). Steph my sister was
playing with her classmates while I and
Emeka with Debby in my class were chasing
ourselves like police and thief. Suddenly,
Debby tripped and fell and stained herself
with a lot of dirt. Emeka brought up the idea
of using the shower in our class.
But we had a little problem as to which
gender will bath first; because, everybody
wanted to bath too. Due to our inconclusive
argument, we decided to go in all together.
Debby actually was quite older than we were,
her breasts were developed already. And
when she pulled, I saw black things which
looked like hairs around her waist region.
“What is that”? I asked Debby while she
smiled at me.
She asked Emeka to go outside and use the
other shower since our own bathroom is
already “crowded ”. I asked Debby if I could
see what the black thing was, without even
finishing my statement, she brought my
hands closer and lo they were hairs. “Not
only here oo, even under, small are still
coming out” said Debby staring at my
trouser. “Remove your own na” she reminded
me. She was actually surprised at what she
saw. “Can I touch your thing?” she asked me
and happily I said yes. She quickly grabbed
hold of my pee pee and directed my hands
towards hers.
While still feeling something different than
what I have always felt before, I heard Steph
shouting my name. I quickly disengaged our
Touching Touching and I quickly wore my
short half haggardly while I made for our car
with our driver. Meanwhile our teachers were
inside the parlor of the school, watching a
home video while the Gateman attended to
Who Cares By The Way??
Our driver kept asking me why I was wet, but
I explained to him how someone poured
water on my cloths and ran away. I believe
he bought the story because he was simply
being apologetic and even stopped along the
road to buy us Meat-pie and Ice-cream. I was
having a flashback of what happened in the
bathroom, while I munched my snack in
happiness and the anticipation of getting
home and explaining what happened today to
aunty Uche!!


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