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STORY: The Male S€x Addict (Part 4)


Did I finish about the new family that packed
into our compound? In fact, it was a family of
“all girls everything” aside their dad. What
are you thinking about now? Well, your guess
is as good as mine. It was like a prayer
Have you ever prayed for something and you
see it come to pass? That was what
happened when I saw the family of “all girls
everything” move into our compound.
I quickly went inside to inform Aunty Uche
about the new people that packed into our
“How many girls?” she asked me;
“All girls” I replied like I won a visa lottery.
She quickly abandoned what she was doing,
followed me outside to welcome the new
occupants of the middle floor. They greeted
her and I responded on Auntie’s behalf LOL.
When we got inside, Aunty frankly asked me
which of the girls I liked;
“That one with a big Bum Bum I replied.
Like a football player that just scored the
winning goal of a Final match, Aunty carried
me up and landed me a big kiss! Don’t
worry; I have finally gotten the name of when
someone’s mouth touches your own mouth.
Just then, I entered into another conquest;
Operation [B] “Get the Girl with a Big
BumBum”. Whenever Aunty was less busy,
she took me on the various ways of looking
good. I once applied a powder that was kind
of brown to my face just because I wanted to
go buy detergents for washing.
Whenever I wanted to go outside, I tried as
much as possible to look good. Aunty
already taught me, so don’t ask me how I will
look good.

I had these kinds of black eyes, curly hair,
nice set of white teeth and fair in complexion
and red lips. It was actually becoming more
reddish because of frequent touching of
mouth to mouth action from Aunty. All of
them looked so beautiful, but the 1st girl was
the one that caught my attention. She is not
too good looking, but she is big and has
those kinda things aunty has.
Every day, I found a way to make her talk to
me and whenever it fails, I run back to aunty
to get a new strategy.
“What is what your name” I shouted from
downstairs to upstairs one morning when we
came out to play.
“Shhhhh” my elder sister yelled at me.
“Why asking her about her name, is she your
wife?” she queried at me again.
“Is it your own name I asked?, you will just
be putting mouth into somebody’s business.
Mtcheewww” I hissed and left the scene and
went inside very angry and frustrated.
I never knew my bravery would pay off so
While coming out of the house one day, I
heard someone shout my name. Still not
believing that it was coming from exactly the
second floor, I pretended that I heard nothing
and was about faking another step, when I
heard the same “Angelic” voice whisper my
name again. This time, I was forced to look


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