STORY: The Male S€x Addict (Part 6)


Chioma’s mum stood at the door looking like
someone who ate Eba without soup in her
dreams. Her sighted terrified me already and
believe me, I amost wet my pants.
“Is Aunty Uche around” [center] She asked
[B] “Emm”
“Who”? All these I managed to murmur within
split seconds.
“Can’t you hear me”? She queried
Just then, my mum came out of her and also
came to the door to attend to our uninvited
“Hi mama Chioma, hope all is well”? My
mum asked.
“Yes, I just want to see Aunty Uche” She
That was when I even noticed that Chioma
was standing right behind her mother.
Aunty Uche came out from the kitchen where
she was preparing breakfast and answered
present at the door.
“Can you explain to me what happened to my
Daughter”? She said shouting
“Happened how”? Aunty Uche replied
“She is no longer a virgin” Chioma’s mum
replied like someone almost crying.
My heart pounded when I heard this.
I was already wishing someone could just
carry me and fly away to somewhere far.
“I have denied her food, Flogged her, Chased
her outside, yet all she says was that she
was attempting gymnastic and she fell before
noticing blood coming out through her
pants” Chioma’s mum said while sobbing.
“That was exactly what happened” Aunty
Uche replied in agreement
“I even helped her in cleaning up and she
took some pain killer drugs” Aunty
“Yeap, she told me all these” Chioma’s mum
[B] “Well, I thought she was lying but I guess
she was saying the truth” Chioma’s mum
“God bless you for your help” She added
before leaving finally.
“And you too” Everyone chorused with my
voice being the loudest as I dashed to my
Now I understand what Aunty was explaining
to Chioma when she sent me outside the
other time. She had already la!d down her
plans, and everything went as planned.
Just while I was about to climb my bed, I saw
a little note with the inscription.
“Always be smart and be ahead of other in
this game of Love”.
Let me actually remind you guys again, I
have two sisters. One is older than I am while
I am older than the other. I don’t even know if
they have noticed any strange behavior
between Me, Aunty and Chioma; I don’t
actually care though.
Chioma became a frequent visitor to our
house and every time they left their house to
come to ours, we always divided into pairs.
While I hook up with my friend chioma, my
other two sisters will play with Chioma
sisters. I don’t know the kind of play they
play, so don’t ask me.
All I know is the one I play with Chioma.
I, Aunty Uche and Chioma are always
together anytime she comes to our house. I
remember aunty uche telling chioma to
spread her legs so that I can see her own
thing. When I finally saw it, it was not even
the same with Aunty Uche’s own. Let me tell
you the difference? Aunty uche’s own was
kind of bigger while chioma’s own was not so
big; or maybe because Aunty Uche is bigger
than Chioma; I can’t really tell.
We lived in the compound for almost two
years together with chioma’s family, and
believe me, it was one of the moments I
prayed that it wouldn’t end before daddy
decided that we had to pack.
I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the
discussion with mummy. I tried to let them
see reasons why this house is better than the
house we are moving into. My opinions and
advice was just like a cup of hot water
poured into a drum of water.
When Chioma heard we were about packing, I
guess she must have felt bad, but I didn’t put
much interest. One night while outside sitting
and writing this story you are reading now,
someone whispered my name. While i was
going to have a closer look, she aggressively
hugged me and drew me to the staircase;
beneath the staircase was a space that was
good enough for a Family of 3 to live in
peace. When we got there, Chioma removed
her cloth, la!d on the floor and opened her
legs for me. While I was staring, she hurriedly
asked me to undress myself and bring out
my thing. I followed her instruction and put
my thing where she said I should put it. It
was watery somehow, but I enjoyed every
minute of it and how she asked me to be
bouncing up and down. While I was doing all
this, Chioma was doing as if she was crying;
all those cries made me to keep bouncing
with more Energy. I tried asking her if it is
paining her, only for her to tell me to
concentrate on what I am doing.
“That was harsh tho” I murmured
But I continued till she shouted quite harder
and I looked around to make sure nobody
saw us.
When I was fully sure nobody was around,
She asked me to use my mouth to clean her
“Nooo…” I said


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