STORY: The Male S€x Addict (Part 9)


What”? The voice replied
“Nothing; what’s your name”? I asked
“Iyke: You can call me that” He replied.
“You are now a big boy oo” He continued…
“Do you know me before”? I asked looking
“I am your cousin, and I came down here for
schooling. So I will be staying with you
people here” He responded.
“Hope you won’t be like the other Aunty that
left” I asked
“What did she do”? He asked
“Don’t worry sha” I responded and dashed
off to our room.
I became roommates to Bro Iyke and believe
me; I was always hearing what he referred to
as senior gist. One night came; I just had to
explain to bro iyke everything that happened
between me and Aunty Uche. He listened and
was also at the same time shocked and
perplexed as to the revelations I gave to him.
“So you have started fvcking”? He shouted
“What is fvck”? I questioned
“All the actions you had with Aunty Uche are
called Fvcking! She didn’t tell you”? He

“No she didn’t” I replied humbly.
“Was she shouting when you were fvcking
her”? He asked inquisitively
“Not much, because she said that mine is
still small” I replied confused
“Let me see your Deek” He asked
“What is Deek”? I asked more confused this
time around
“Your rod” He replied
“I don’t have a rod” I replied slowly
“Stop behaving like a small boy. For you to
have fvcked such a big girl like that makes
you a man” he said
“Now listen, that thing that you used to fvck
sense into Aunty Uche is called a Deek or
Rod! Understand”? He asked
“Wow… Yes I understand” I replied quietly,
almost mumbling the words
“When last did you fvck”? He continued
“Emm… since she left” I answered
“That is almost a month” He shouted


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