Wonderful! Ghost Of Recently Buried Man Was Seen Leaving Ikoyi Cemetery

Just a day after being laid to rest, the ghost of late Mr Paul Johnson was caught on a CCTV camera outside Ikoyi Crescent Cemetery, Lagos.

The guards on duty had gone into the camera room to review the footage from the previous night, when one of them noticed the movement.

They thought it was the wind at first, until noticeable movement happened further into the footage. The only way they knew it was the body that had recently been buried, was because the burial plot itself was in a state of chaos.

The widow and children of Late Mr Paul-Johnson also confirmed seeing their late husband and father at home.

According to them, he was annoyed at the way they were being mistreated by extended family members who had appropriated his property upon his death.

He was back to rectify the wrongs done to his immediate family.

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