Young Woman Found Lying Unconsciously By The Roadside With A Used Condom Beside Her (PHOTOS)

A young lady was found lying unconsciously by the roadside in Thailand with a used condom containing semen beside her.

Police in Thailand have launched hunt for a suspect after a young woman was found unconscious in the undergrowth with a used condom by her body over the weekend.

Police at the scene gave the girl first aid and found a used condom beside her contained semen.

The woman said later that she had been out drinking with friends and was in fact used to taking alcohol as she worked in a bar. She thinks she may have been drugged then possibly raped by a friend of a friend who she met.

Police are looking for the man she met that night to see if a crime has been committed.

Many people online said it served as a warning about drinking and the possibility of being drugged.

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